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"As a profession, we don't look in people's wallets - we don't look for medical cards."

- Brian Rieger, firefighter/paramedic

Your Durable Power of Attorney (DPA card) is the most important document you can carry.

But consider this:

What use is your DPA card in an emergency if medical personnel don't know it's there? If they don't even look for it in the first place?

There is something first responders do look for.

Did you know?

No Blood Wristbands work alongside your DPA to ensure your wishes are communicated in an emergency.

Don't put it off.

No Blood Wristbands act as a medical alert bracelet to ensure that medical personnel are alerted as soon as possible of your refusal of blood transfusions.

Protect yourself today.

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What other Witnesses have to say about No Blood Wristbands:


"I believe these wristbands can help save our lives and help us in a state of emergency to be able to voice our faithful resolve to Jehovah to refuse blood"

"They're great, light to wear, and durable! (I have twins who have attempted to pull them and they held their shape)"

"They are beautiful, the print is very distinct and professional, no rough edges, waterproof... Durable and can be worn right into the operating room for surgery... I've already done so... I've gotten many compliments and have passed ordering information on to many of my friends"

"I really love this product... I gave one to each family member of our Bible Students... They are to be baptized at next assembly"

"They fill a definite need, the quality is great, pricing is reasonable, they make great gifts"

"They are attractive, durable, can be worn continually, and also spark conversation with those you meet in the doctor's office... Informal witnessing opportunity!" 

"Everyone needs to know about them"

What a firefighter/paramedic has to say:

In order to serve theirĀ purpose, No Blood Wristbands should be worn 24/7 in case of emergency.



No Blood Wristbands are comfortable to wear, as well as heat and water-resistant.

The print WILL FADE over time, and this is considered normal.

How fast this happens will depend on many different factors. 

They are not meant to last forever :)

All that being said, we still recommend wearing your No Blood Wristband AT ALL TIMES to ensure that it serves its purpose in an emergency.

The wristbands are made from 100% medical grade silicone (BPA-free, latex-free, non-toxic and non-allergenic).



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While No Blood Wristbands DO NOT replace your official "no blood" paperwork (Durable Power of Attorney), they are great for use as a medical alert bracelet to direct the attention of any medical professional or first responder to your official "no blood" paperwork.

As with any transfusion prevention method, human error can occur and the wristbands are not indestructible.

So again: