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Hands-on Reseller // Pro (50-pack)







A 50-pack of No Blood Wristbands consisting of a mix of assorted colors and sizes


As a Hands-on Reseller (Pro), you will be charged only $49 (compared to $99) on a monthly subscription basis and shipped a reseller-discounted 50-pack every month.
When you sign up, you will also get immediate access via email to the Hands-on Reseller Starter Kit - everything you need to get started reselling No Blood Wristbands.







  • How does the Reseller Program work?
    • When you sign up for the Hands-On Reseller Program, you are subscribing to a monthly order of No Blood Wristbands for you to resell every month. You get these wristbands at a huge discount so that you can sell them at the same margins that we do. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • How many wristbands do I have to sell every month?
    • This is totally dependent upon what your goals are. If you want to just make an extra $25 a month, you'll only have to sell a couple packs. If you want to make $100+ every month, you can do that too!
  • How do I price the wristbands?
    • This is completely up to you. We're providing you these wristbands at a price where you can make the same margins that we do. In the end, though, you can feel free to offer them at any price you like! Once you receive your wristbands, it's totally your decision.
  • Are they available in other languages?
    • Right now we are only offering the Hands-On Reseller Program to resellers within the US or resellers in English-speaking countries outside the US. 
  • How do I sell these? Any recommendations?
    • When you sign up to be a reseller, you will get immediate access via email to the Hands-on Reseller Starter Kit which will include a Pricing Guide, Product Knowledge, Selling Ideas, and more.